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#4Help is on the way!

It’s official, the #4Help directory launch is mere weeks away! You’ll recall from previous posts that #4Help is a new national non-profit corporation building the first free directory of vetted governmental and non-profit hotlines, helplines, text to chat and web chat services.

Just dial #4Help (#44357) from a cell phone, visit, or dial (855.443.5767) from any phone. It comes not a moment too soon, as I’m sure we can all use a little help with the various goings on in the world today.

One 2020 new year’s resolution receiving much renewed attention is self-care. Some basic advice is making a return, including:

· Wash your hands more

· Touch your face less

· Stay home when you’re sick, and call 9-1-1 if you need urgent medical attention

In a time when even handshakes and high fives are seen as risky behavior, a one stop shop for hotlines and helplines offering everything from crisis support to temporary shelter and transportation is just what the doctor ordered.

While we aren’t here to help you find the perfect local pizza place or forecast tomorrow’s weather, we’ve got your emergency and advisory personal care needs covered. Just see for yourself some of the hotlines, helplines, and services available just a click or call away!

Stay tuned and keep healthy - We look forward to helping connect you to your local, regional, and national support network very soon!

The North American Help Services Alliance, Inc.

Would you like to get involved? We are looking for passionate volunteers willing to help us spread the word about #4Help and Please consider helping us make our mission a reality by joining our volunteer team.

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Rob Rainer
Rob Rainer
Mar 13, 2020

Jill, imagine if we had more volunteers like you! WOW.

Now please note here, that all of our volunteers are incredible and we wouldn't exist but for their hard work :-)

Thank you to Jill.

Thank you to ALL volunteers!


Support Team
Support Team
Mar 09, 2020

Hey Jill, great post! Everyone at #4Help is getting excited about the big day!!!

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