How Many Hotlines and Helplines are there in the United States?

Frankly, we don't know how many hotlines and helplines there are.

We continue to research and add hotlines and helplines to the #4Help Directory, but we're no closer to even estimating the amount than we were when we started working on the #4Help project last summer.

We believe this fact to be a good indicator that building our directory is a worthwhile mission. Connecting everyone in the United States, who is looking for a hotline or helpline that best matches their needs requires a compilation of as many options as possible.

We'll be sure to continue to add services to our directory until we have as many options as we can find. That's why e invite everyone to inform us about services that are missing from our directory,

Now, we need help from everyone reading this post, to tell your friends and family about #4Help. So that we can get the word out about our service and brand #4Help as the free phone number to call, when looking for the right service to match your needs.

And ask your friends and family to tell their friends and family...

Getting the word out about #4Help will take time, we know that... and we're committed to taking the time needed to brand #4Help. Because sharing our new, and free to all resource is our mission.

Please visit often, as we get closer to estimating the true amount of hotlines and helplines, we'll let you know. Until then, we promise that on March 31st, our directory will include enough hotlines and helplines to be a great resource for everyone in search of the right hotline or helpline to match their needs.

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