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The NAHSA businesses include; #4Help d/b/a NAHSA, HelpUnited d/b/a NAHSA,  4HelpUnited d/b/a NAHSA, PostICU d/b/a NAHSA. Information about each business can be requested at: support@4help.org or by calling (800) 580-1500. Volunteers are not compensated for their services. 

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Members & Volunteers

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4help.org was and continues to be built by volunteers. Many of our volunteers  become members, so they can remain with our team.

We look to our members to guide us and to keep us on course towards accomplishing our mission. We also look to our members to help us make decisions about directions we should take to move our agency forward.

To meet our stated mission, we must do the following tasks, and the majority of these tasks will be performed by volunteers and members:

We are in the process creating a database of all "help services" hotlines, helplines, text to chat and web chat services. This work began in the summer of 2019 and will continue on long past our official start date of March 31, 2019.

With that data, we will (1) create an easy to access directory of hotlines and helplines for consumers and (2) a registry of hotlines and helplines for our industry to share, for many reasons:

  • People in need of hotline and helpline services should have at least  one resource available that  provides them information about all of the great hotlines and helplines that best match their needs.

  • We hope to assist existing and new hotlines by sharing, in one central location, protocols for best practices that have already been created by the industry.

  • To help relieve some of the burden felt by well established hotlines that receive most of the calls in their areas of expertise by fairly distributing calls that we receive to other similar hotline services.

  • To provide callers and the hotline industry with data we are collecting as well as  caller feedback and #4Help's  measurements about how is paying off.