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Thank you for sharing your feedback about the service that you used. Protecting your privacy is of utmost concern to us. You can choose not to have your first name associated with your feedback. We require your email address to make certain that submissions are authentic.

We are the only service in the United States attempting to provide potential users with objective data and subjective feedback about the hotline industry.


If we are successful at collecting data,  this website will become an invaluable tool. Your feedback will be posted on the web page that we have created for this service. If we have not added this service yet, your feedback will trigger adding this service to our database. Once the data is entered (usually within 3 days of receiving feedback on a service not yet added) your feedback will be added to the page.


We keep all data secure and confidential and generate statistics to be added to this website soon You can choose to have your feedback only included in statistics, if you do not want it added to the service's page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please send to:

Please Share Your Feedback about a Hotline, Helpline, Text Chat or Web Chat Service that You Have Used

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