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We've Done It! 100,000, and Counting!

We have added detailed information about more than 100,000 local, state, regional, and national free hotlines, helplines, and chat lines to our Hotline Directory at

And we are not finished yet.

We plan to keep adding hotlines, helplines, and chat lines, until there are no more to add.

We invite everyone that's ever used a hotline, helpline, or chat line service to visit our site and to add their anonymous feedback, so that we can continue with our long term goal of being a go to website for the best, unbiased data and statistics about as many services as possible,

We also invite all service operators to claim their hotline, helpline, or chat line, and to add as much information about their service as they'd like.

The more information that we can share with people in need of help, the better!

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