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How Do We Properly Thank Twilio for Their Incredible Donation to #4Help?

We truly don't know. That's why we're asking you. will be donating to North American Help Services Alliance, Inc., what will be the centerpiece of our nonprofit service.

In May 2020, #4Help will have an operational voice recognition, geo-routing, learning machine IVR system.

Calls to #4Help [#44357] will be sent to the IVR, which in turn will route callers and texters to our growing database of hotlines, helplines and chat lines - once there callers and texters will receive help searching for and finding a hotline or chat service service that best matches their needs. This service will be free and one of a kind,

To protect the anonymity of our callers and texters, Twilio is adding masked phone lines, another one of a kind service in the hotline industry.

The #4Help board and team of volunteers send a huge shout out to Jeff Lawson, Jeff Eiden, Natasha Whitledge, Christina Frantz and Brett Hobbs, who are just a few of the people at Twilio who have gone way above and beyond the call of duty.

Their philanthropy and hands on work to help our nonprofit meet its mission, is nothing short of inspirational. You have insured that our board and our volunteers are now more motivated than ever to achieve the many goals we have set for #4Help, not the least of which is branding #4Help.

I suppose the best way we can begin to thank the Twilio team is to attack our mission, We will prove to you through our results, that your investment in #4Help was money well spent.

Thank you. THANK YOU.

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