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Get Ready 4Help!

Earlier this month we told you about and their support of the 4Help May launch by providing the centerpiece for the call and text services at Specifically, Twilio is providing the back-end infrastructure and support for our IVR, or Interactive Voice Response system. Systems like these are the virtual operators we interact with whenever we opt in for text alerts, call the cable company, or press one for English. This voice recognition technology will help route 4help callers and texters to the right service based on their needs.

Voice recognition you say? What about my safety and privacy?

We’re glad you asked! Instead of some glitchy retro robot (remember the old Mr. Moviefone?) Twilio is providing a one of a kind service with masked phone lines in order to protect the anonymity of callers and texters. Quite the upgrade!

In advance of our May launch, we’re sending a BIG THANK YOU to and the 4help volunteer team who are all working hard behind the scenes to bring about this new way to connect to helplines and services in your area!

Ready 4Help?

We’re here for you!

Just dial #4Help (#44357) from a cell phone, visit, or dial (855-443-5767) from any phone.

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